Face fear. Find courage. Stop hate. Together.

It's time to take a stand. Donate today to Not In Our Town.

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Support Not In Our Town's work to build safe, inclusive communities for all.

In communities and schools across the country, people are standing up to hatred, bullying, and intolerance with tools and training provided by Not In Our Town.

Your donation provides on-the-ground support to communities and schools including:

  • Convening webinars for new NIOT groups across the country
  • Films that inspire action
  • Training and coaching to community and school leaders
  • Online tools for parents, educators, community activists, faith leaders, and law enforcement
  • Networking that helps one town or school learn from another
  • Learn more info@niot.org

Face fear. Find courage, and stop hate together. Donate to Not In Our Town.

Donating by check? Please mail to The Working Group/Not In Our Town, PO Box 70232, Oakland, CA 94612. Questions? Call (510) 268-9675 or email info@niot.org. Thank you for your support!